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Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: Fables 13

With the 13th collection of Fables, Bill Willingham has jumped the shark.

The premise is that there's a different set of literary inspired beings called the literals, and one of them is the writer Kevin Thorn, who literally can write the world out of existence. There's plenty of jokes, a lot of breaking of the fourth wall, and we see one of our favorite characters subject to some indignities that don't really help the story.

Ultimately, the whole thing came and went like a bad dream. After I was done with the issue, I went back and saw that the collection even came from different comic book series, cross-over fashion. If each issue was written by a different person, I could understand the inanities, but it's all Bill Willingham! If the next book is just as insipid, I'll stop reading Fables, which is a pity, because I think 1-12 is easily some of the best fiction published in any format.


ArC said...

Have you been following along with Jack of Fables up to this point, though?

Piaw Na said...

I think I read the first 6 issues of Jack of Fables, but it was a while ago.