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Friday, April 09, 2010

GOOG digger

After about 6 months, I finally had enough time to sit down at Charlie's and have a meal, rather than eating at my desk, or more frequently, just snacking rather than eating meals. So sitting down alone in the cafeteria, I was about to get started when I heard an unfamiliar voice say, "Mind if I join you?" I looked up from my plate and saw a gorgeous Asian woman with a tray of food. Well, any geek will tell you that us dorky guys rarely get pretty women inviting themselves to sit with us when we're alone eating dinner, so I agreed.

She was in [department redacted], and we spent the next 15 minutes exchanging details of our work, what we were working on. Since we were in completely different departments, we had lots to talk about that was new to each other (or so I thought). Then she asked me this question: "So... how long have you been here?" My response, "About 6 months."

Not five minutes later, she looked at her watch and said, "Oh no! I have a meeting to run to!" It was already 7pm, and at that time we didn't have distributed offices to introduce time-zone craziness. Off she went, and I never saw her again. I thought nothing of the event and finished my dinner. When I told my girlfriend Lisa the story, she laughed hard for 10 minutes and said, "Next time a pretty girl in the cafetaria asks how long you've been working there, try saying 6 years!" I then realized what had happened and laughed along with her.

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