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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Xianhang Zhang Returns!

Xianhang Cooks

After his last visit, I was very lucky to have more and longer conversations with Xianhang, including a long hike on Saturday, and he agreed to cook for us once more. This time, it's for the crew that's coming along for this year's Tour of the German-speaking Alps.

My kitchen was sadly under-equipped, even though the stove and oven was brand new. So we first started off the cooking expedition with a visit to the Restaurant Supply store to pick up pots, a frying pan, and various other utensils. I was so glad that someone with real expertise was helping me pick out stuff. I would have just gone down to Safeway and picked up stuff off the rack. Now I have a full set of mixing bowls, baking pans, etc.

Then it was off to Ranch 99 and then Whole Foods to pick up groceries, and upon returning home Xianhang basically started cooking up a Swiss-themed dinner in anticipation of the alps trip. We started off with sausage and polenta, followed by potato salad, then soup, and finally desert was a baked Alaska: a meringue topping off rocky road ice cream, which was on top of sponge cake, all baked in the oven (the first time we ever baked anything in my oven), followed with a sprinkle of strawberry sauce. All very yummy. Cynthia and Kekoa brought wine and plates (when I say under-equipped I mean it), Phil brought more wine, and we all had a great time.

Thanks, Xianhang!


Phil said...

That was the best meal I've had in a long time.

Also, I'm suddenly inspired to make Baked Alaska the next time I have company over.

Shalmanese said...


Thanks for the enthusiastic compliments! It was a pleasure cooking for you and meeting some of your friends.

Glad you finally have an equipped kitchen and you'll have to let me know what you end up doing with it.

Piaw Na said...

We just finally ate the last of the left overs. :-)

I made pancakes yesterday morning with the new pan. Wow, what a difference. Definitely worth the money.

You'll have to send me links for the additional stuff we need.