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Monday, May 17, 2010

Canon S90 Review

Cazedero LDT 2010

I ordered a Canon S90 for this weekend's trip, hoping that Lisa would be able to capture Myers Grade, one of the prettiest roads in the area, but one that's impossible to do justice to because descending on an 18% grade is challenging enough without thinking about taking pictures.

Well, that didn't work out, but the camera did! First, I was impressed by how much control the camera gave me. You really do get to set aperture, shutter speed, etc., and the manual focus option is even useful (the display zooms in so you can tell whether or not you're out of focus).

Others complained that the control ring at the back of the camera is loose and easy to turn by accident. In practice, that's not an issue for us. Neither Lisa nor I tripped it over the weekend. The RAW mode is very nice, but I've noticed that in full Auto mode (which Lisa uses), it doesn't shoot in RAW. Nevertheless, that's a minor issue. RAW files are huge (8GB only stores 540 RAWs), so for shooting off the bike (which is what Lisa does), I doubt if we'll use RAW: there are too many bad pictures to be thrown away!

In any case, the camera is great, so I expect that we'll keep it past the trial period and rely on it for the upcoming tour of the German Speaking alps.


Nelson said...

I like my S90 too. I find it hard to hold, so I just ordered this custom grip. It's a countoured piece of aluminum you glue to the front. Looks very well designed, we'll see how it works out.

Unknown said...

I suspect that you (and I) aren't complaining about the tiny little wheel (like a buncha people out there complain about), partly because our fingers are quite suitable for tiny chopsticks and normal sized abacus.

Greg said...

Nelson: did the grip arrive? How do you like it?

Nelson said...

Yes, the grip arrived immediately and I do like it. It just feels like part of the camera.

Unknown said...

We have an S90 and generally keep it welded on the low light mode with the flash disabled. The exposure algorithm in this mode matches what I typically do manually and with the zoom set to "28mm", which is normally how I have it, shake is generally not a problem even with extremely poor indoor light. A side benefit is that the battery life is greatly extended with the flash disabled, thereby addressing about the only knock I've got or read about the S90.