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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Review: The Other Lands

The Other Lands (Acacia, Book 2) is David Anthony Durham's sequel to Acacia, which I reviewed 3 years ago.

Acacia ended with a war over, and Corinn, the most morally ambiguous of the Akaran children Queen. We see the aftermath of the war, and Corinn's rule resume everything that her other siblings considered wrong about the rule of Accacia: slavery.

The plot then broadens to include the rest of the world we had seen merely a glimpse of in the first book, the land of the Numreks. Books that in the middle of a trilogy tend to suffer, since the novel typically tries to set up the finale, and not much happens. While this book does end with a cliff-hanger that the long story arc sets up, you can't accuse Durham of making nothing happen in this book. Lots happen in this book, and we see many mysteries resolved. For instance, why was a seemingly endless supply of slaves needed? What were the Numreks running from?

My only possible complaint is that the prose while still very readable, isn't as sparkling as Acacia was. Nevertheless, I found it a good read, and the first fiction book I'd finished for quite some time. Recommended.

While doing research for this blog entry, I discovered that David Anthony Durham won the 2009 Campbell Award for best new writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Congratulations. And yes, Scarlet, I still think you're wrong about Acacia.

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