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Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: The Big Bang Theory Season Two

For whatever reason, the library delivered my copy of The Big Bang Theory Season 2 super fast. Season 2 is much more of a mixed bag than Season 1 was.

The in-jokes are still funny, and everything's still pretty accurate. And come on, a TV show that has George Smoot as a guest star can't be all that bad. The various episodes range in themes, from parental approval/disapproval of their geeky children, to on-line gaming addiction. My big problem with the series is that it suffers from episodic amnesia, which I suppose is what people expect from a sitcom. There is continuity in that references to the idiosyncrasies of various characters get made over time, but by and large, each episode stands on its own.

One semi-tragic element of the show is that one of the characters, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, displays nearly every symptom of Asperger's Syndrome. It's all played for laughs, but I wonder why none of the other characters ever point it out. I guess it would make the show less funny.

In any case, I'll check out the third season from the library when it comes out, so this show still comes recommended.

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