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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shameless Promotion: Last 6 days to pre-order "Independent Cycle Touring"

There are only 6 days left to get in on the pre-orders for Independent Cycle Touring. I'm about $1000 from the pledges being completed. Kickstarter guarantees that if the funding goal is not reached, nobody pays anything. I'll go one further. If the funding goal is not reached and you're a $100 level (or more) supporter, I'll set up a Google group and you'll get to preview the book regardless, while I'm working on it. (i.e., the Kibitzer option is for real, but you won't have to fork out the dough if the project does not meet its funding goals)

A large chunk of the book is written. At this point I have one more chapter to write, a bunch of appendices (which might turn out to be substantial), layout, photography, and other niceties like cross referencing and indexing. That'll take another couple of months, but I'm aiming to have this on track for ebook release end of the year, and print copies availability a couple of months after that. Obviously, if I find major missing topics that'll slip, but that's why I have a beta audience.

The last few days will be nail biting for me, so rather than stay home and keep hitting refresh on the Kickstarter page, I'm going to spend labor day weekend hiking the Lost Coast.

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