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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: The God Engines

The God Engines is John Scalzi's novella set in a fantasy world where gods are captured and used to drive starships.

Sounds whacky? Yes it is, but the premise is all backed up by an interesting theological background, and the ideas are fun, if not completely fleshed out. As with most short stories, there's one little twist at the end, but the novella stands on its own. As becomes obvious, there's no easy way for there to be a sequel to this book.

The story evolves around a starship Captain. At first we think this is going to be another Star-Trek type deal, as the character-focused plots revolves around his crew, his management of it, and the various people who aren't easy to deal with. As the scope of the plot expands, we gradually learn more and more about the milieu, and the stakes get higher and higher until we get to the explosive climax.

While not really his best work, the book is not a waste of time. I would not pay full price for it, however. Either buy the Kindle edition at $5, or get the DRM-free version over at Baen Books. I'm just happy I got it out of the library.

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