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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strong Frame #2

Strong Frame Returns!

Carl has sent me a replacement frame, and I built it up today! The changes from the previous frames were:
  • 72 degree seat tube angle (instead of 72.5)
  • no more spoke holders (the last ones didn't work out)
  • no 3rd water bottle cage (one of the cracks might have initiated from the holes drilled for it)
  • 54mm brake reach. The last 57mm brake reach required us to file down brake slots. I'd like not to do it again.
  • The cable stops got placed on the downtube instead of the head tube. That's because I asked for slotted cable stops so I can run both STI and bar-end shifters with a bar swap.
  • Straight gauge Ti tubing. Carl no longer offers a lifetime warranty on double-butted tubing.

After riding the Fuji for two weeks, the new Carl Strong frame feels right in a way the Fuji didn't. It's amazing how I've gotten used to it! In any case, I hope this new frame lasts a lot more than 17,000 miles!


ed said...

Did Carl have any explanation as to why the failure happened?

Ed Steck

Piaw Na said...

Yes. He said there was contamination in the weld, and he'd been having reliability problems with double-butted tubing. He's no longer offering a lifetime warranty on double-butted Ti tubes, so this frame is now straight gauge.