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Friday, March 25, 2011

Upgrade pricing for Engineer's Guide to Silicon Valley Startups

Someone asked me over e-mail if I could provide an upgrade for folks who'd bought the first edition. This seemed like a reasonable request, so here's the policy:
  1. One upgrade per customer.
  2. You must have purchased with your e-mail address. In other words, if you checked the "preserve my privacy" button on Google checkout when you bought the book, you're out of luck, no upgrade for you. This is solely because I can't verify you are who you say you are any other way.
  3. The price is 50% off. That's $12.50 for digital edition upgrades, and $15 for print edition upgrades. Print edition is subject to shipping and sales taxes. If you bought the print edition and want to upgrade digitally, that's ok. The inverse is not true (no print edition upgrades for those who went digital).
  4. To upgrade, reply to your original receipt (via paypal/checkout, or from the e-mail that had the attached book). If you've lost your original receipt, send me name, e-mail address, and date of purchase and I'll try to track it down.

There's no checkout page for upgrading. I'll invoice you directly via checkout or paypal. Note: this only applies for upgrades from the second to third edition. No upgrades from 1st to 3rd!


Unknown said...

Will there be a Kindle edition of the Engineer's Guide to Silicon Valley Startups (3rd Edition)?

Piaw Na said...