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Sunday, January 06, 2013

My New Job

When I announced my retirement almost 3 years ago, I got three reactions:
  1. "I can't imagine staying home to feed the cats and watch TV." Those folks couldn't be more wrong. I don't have any cats, and I barely had time to finish a couple of video games, let alone watch TV. Instead, I wrote 3 books, traveled a lot, started a consulting business, got married, had a baby, and in general lived a pretty good life that never left me feeling bored or unfulfilled. My personal experience is that the kind of people who make those statements are people lacking in imagination: they can't imagine leading a self-directed life, so they imagine a life of boredom if they left work. 
  2. "You're too young to retire, you'll be back at work." They were partly right. Writing books is significant work, and my consulting business was also work, as is getting married and coping with baby.
  3. "Would you ever consider leaving retirement?" My response was "Of course, for an appropriate role and an opportunity that gets me excited enough."
My life has been full enough that I didn't think that there would be an opportunity big enough to get me excited. However, when I met the team at Quark Games, it was quite clear that this was a team that was something special. Passionate about games,with lots of talent (both engineering and otherwise), I was impressed by their designs and vision for what the next generation of games are going to look like.
So when the team asked me to join as the VP of Engineering for the company I was delighted to say yes and prove that yes, there are opportunities that will get me to return to the workforce. (I did discuss positions at other Silicon Valley startups, and yes, I am happy to report that Silicon Valley is as full of opportunity as ever for those of us for whom big companies are undesirable work environments)

Yes, Quark Games does have job openings, including engineering positions. All engineers will report to me, so if you've enjoyed working with me in the past or you know my management philosophy and like it, consider applying for a job!

This has implications for my negotiation business. Effective immediately, I will take on no more new customers. If you're an existing customer, don't worry, I won't abandon you. I will keep on your case until you are satisfied or give you a full refund. Existing customers who basically treat me as a sounding board for financial advice don't have to worry either --- I will keep servicing your requests as there's no conflict of interest with my new job. My books will always be available on Amazon and on-line.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you found a job worth coming out of retirement for.

Unknown said...

I know someone who would be interested, does your company have remote workers?

Piaw Na said...

For the right candidate, we'd find a way to accommodate. But it better be someone awesome. Otherwise, the preference would be for someone local.

bawa said...

Congratulations and All the Best. I do hope you won't give up blogging, esp reviewing books.

Piaw Na said...

No chance of that, but I'm already impacted by how much time I have to spend working. :-)