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Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Odd and the Frost Giants

I somehow missed Odd and the Frost Giants when it came out. I usually check books out from the library, but since this book was $1.99 on the Kindle store for the rest of the month, I decided that it was worth the risk when I read the first chapter to my son and he didn't immediately start screaming. (It's too much to expect him to pay rapt attention --- my wife told me that he runs around at story hour even at the library)

The book's got beautiful language, and has lots of little scenes that are funny. You could imagine a Disney movie made from the book. I enjoyed the character of Odd, the little boy who kept up a great attitude no matter how tough a life fortune hands him. The story has a slow, lilting dream-like cadence, and the events unfurl smoothly and naturally.

All in all, a short book and a quick read. Recommended.

1 comment:

bawa said...

This one's great, esp. if you get the "3-D" version of the book. Originally in German.