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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Review: Solbar SPF 30 Sunscreen

If you're a cyclist and out in the sun all day, you have to use sunscreen, especially in the summer. If you frequently ride on dirt roads, then the usual greasy stuff just isn't going to work for you. The grease attracts dirt and dust, and you pretty much end up covered all over with dust and mud. Which does make for effective sunscreen, but feels icky. It doesn't look that great either.

For years, I used Quest Products' Lifeguard Sunscreen. Unfortunately, they seemed to have been discontinued. That product had other issues (such as precipitating when it's cold), but it was never greasy, SPF 15, and worked great. You just had to apply it a few times a day.

In my search for a replacement product, I came across Solbar. It's also alcohol based, but is a gel rather than a liquid. It doesn't seem to depend on the alcohol evaporating after application, but I can confirm it is indeed grease free. I took it out for a 3.5 hour ride, including a dusty dirt path, and did not get covered in dust.

The big con is that it's expensive. Amazon sells it for around $11 for a 4oz bottle, and I have yet to find a cheaper source for it. Then again, it's SPF 30, so I think I can get away with applying it only once a day, so it probably evens out. Recommended.

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