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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Video Games Review Index 2014

I've been playing enough games that it's worth while to have an index for my video game reviews.

In general, you'll find that my video game reviews tend towards positivity, just like my book reviews. The reason is that video games, much like long books, require so much time that if they're less than stellar I won't even bother to finish them, and as a result, I won't get around to writing a review. Another reason is that I stopped playing video games for so long that I now have an incredibly great backlog of games to play that are simply stellar. I'm having a much better video game year than a book year as a result! My lack of book reviews recently hasn't been because I've chosen to play video games instead, it's been because there's a complete shortage of good books!

In some cases, however, my view of a video game shifts after comparing it with other games. For instance, my view of The Last of Us has improved quite a bit after comparing it with say, Bioshock Infinite.

As with my book reviews. Expect me to pick top video games near the end of every year, and start a new index next year.

Update: 2014 Games of the Year have been chosen.

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