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Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: Big Skinny World BiFold Wallet

I travel just a few times a year, but I'm weight conscious. Over the years, I've worn out any number of wallets and abandoned several for being impractical or worthless, but never felt compelled to write a review until now.

I bought a Big Skinny Men's World BiFold with Zipper a year ago from a GroupOn deal, and it has become my default wallet of choice for all occasions, eliminating all other wallets. The big features for me are:
  1. Wide enough for non-US bills, which are frequently much wider or taller than US currency.
  2. Thin Nylon. Leather stains and wears out for me very quickly, while producing fat wallets. Nylon isn't waterproof, but it's water resistant enough to survive a Tour of the Alps, and a year later has shown no sign of wear whatsoever. This is a very sturdy wallet.
  3. Plenty of pockets for cards. You can't travel without a number of cards nowadays, and with 8 card pockets, this has plenty of room for my travel cards, credit cards, and business cards (yes, I actually carry printed business cards with me)
Overall, I've been extremely satisfied with this wallet. So much so that this year, when I found another Groupon Deal, I ordered two Skinny Mini Pens (so that I'm no longer forced to borrow from neighbors whenever I'm filling out customs forms), and a Big Skinny Passport Holder Wallet from them (holds 4 passports, which is what I need when I travel with family).

I give therefore Big Skinny wallets the highest recommendation. If you're using other wallets and have been dis-satisfied by them for various reasons, give one of their wallets a try. They are well-thought out and well worth their (admittedly high) price.

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