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Friday, January 02, 2015

Review: Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

We'd been sharing a room (but not co-sleeping) for months during our remodeling, and now it's finally time for the parents to move out of Bowen's room. To help the process along, I decided that we could have him get a new bed that would take up more room, as well as making him feel like a big boy.
We reviewed several beds online and settled on the Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler bed, since memories of the sailing trip in the Caribbean were fresh in his mind.

The cheapest place to buy this turned out to be at Target, the only store that didn't burden you with a ginormous shipping cost. When the package arrived I understood why. This thing was huge, about the size of a golf-cart packed.

Putting together the bed was fairly straightforward, but took the better part of 2 hours with power tools. This included Bowen "helping". The mattress turned out to be a standard size toddler mattress, so we didn't have to get a new one. The various lights on the bed require 9 AAA batteries, but the box didn't have any. Lucky for me, I happened to have a ton of batteries lying around anyway.

The nice feature of the lights on the boat is that they time out and put themselves to sleep, so you won't be replacing those batteries too often (they're all LED lights). I was worried that Bowen would be so excited that he wouldn't be able to sleep, but it turned out that he slept just fine on the bed even during the first night.

He really loves the boat, and enjoys turning the wheel, and he's now able to distinguish port from starboard, and knows how many cannons he has.

We couldn't have moved him into this bed any sooner, since we didn't have room until after the construction was complete. However, if we had the room, we should have moved him much sooner: his crib had a toddler mode, but he'd fallen off it a few times, while this toddler bed's designed in such a way that he can't roll off it, while ensuring that he could get in and out of bed himself if he was awake.


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Unknown said...

We recently acquired the pirate ship bed, minus the steering wheel, flag & staff, i see the lights but since we have no instructions how and where do you out the batteries?