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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review: Fables 21: Happily Ever After

After 13 years of story, Fables is finally drawing to an end. Unfortunately, the series jumped the shark a while back, with Fables #13. The recent issues have seen a pick up in quality, but I'm afraid not enough to redeem itself completely.

This collection covers the return of Bigby (though in a form unrecognizable from who he's been in the past), the failed attempts to stop him and who's behind him. It then quickly morphs into a "doomed conflict" scenario between Rose Red and Snow White, with a reveal involving who their mother is, and why there's inevitable conflict between the two sisters.

Along the way, we get many digressions (it seems as though Willingham had to feed each issue with a mini story to keep stringing us along), but those are minor, with only a few pleasant ones. Fables is at its best when the reveals are of the "of course, that's how it would work" variety, but the story is getting so very meta that sometimes it feels like more of a cliche than an epiphany.

I'll pick up the last collection, of course, but go read Fables #1-12 instead.

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