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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review: RAVPower 3200mAh external powerbank

I'd come to realize that my RAVPower 10400mAh was really overpowered for daily use. It's great on boats where I need enough power for overnight use, but for day trips, I didn't want to carry something that big. I waited for the 3200mAH pack to drop below $10, and jumped on it. What tipped the difference for me was the LED flashlight that came with it, which ads a level of usefulness when camping.

Unboxing the package, it's way bigger than I expected, about the same length as the 10400mAH battery. It's much lighter and narrower, however, so I can fit it in my pockets and it won't weigh me down. It's sufficient to recharge my Xperia Z1 from about half-full, or my Edge 800 multiple times from empty. Charging time is about two hours, which is surprisingly long but not a big deal for general use.


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