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Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: Foundation's Triumph

Foundation's Triumph is written by David Brin, which was the main reason I picked up the book despite being underwhelmed by Foundation and Chaos.

The book details Hari Seldon's last adventure, where on a whim, he leaves Trantor on a hunt to figure out why the soils of the various planets of the galaxy are clustered the way they are. As a result of this adventure, Seldon discovers the robotic forebears of the human pioneers who settled the galaxy, and sets off a struggle between various factions of robots, representatives of the Chaos world Klinta, and of course, Seldon's own conflicting feelings about his Foundation and Second Foundation.

The net result is a bit of a mash. You do get a nice complex plot with lots of moving parts, but a shortage of new ideas which is what David Brin's famous for. There's a sense that Brin's far too constrained by having to work within Asimov's universe, as well as the issues of writing a prequel: there's too much already known about the future, and not enough freedom to introduce new concepts.

Ultimately, a disappointing read.

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