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Monday, August 31, 2015

Teton/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 4: Fireside Resort to Flagg Ranch Headwaters Campground

The day looked clear, so I ditched all my existing plans and decided to take the family up to Jackson's mountain top ski resort, since the gondola ride would probably result in views. I tried to persuade Kevin to join us, but he had his heart set on going to Yellowstone's Old Faithful. I told him that the attraction was over-rated and that driving from Jackson there would likely result in a traffic jam, but he'd locked on target as they say.
The gondola ride was only 10 minutes long, but the views at the top were pretty good, though marred by a persistent low cloud that usually hid the valley below us from view. Nevertheless, we walked around marveling at the sights. We were prepared for the cold, but not for the wind, which was quite strong.

We descended the Gondola, and were told that our tickets were good for the chair-lifts as well. The chair lifts granted us a slightly lower but no less fun view, and then we had to go. I'd visited the ski resort thinking that I could just drive into the national park and visit Jenny Lake on the way to Flagg Ranch. However, that entry into the park was closed to RVs, and so we had to go all the way back to Jackson and then drive North from there. This delayed us and made a visit to Jenny Lake unfeasible for the day, but I decided to instead visit every sight along that entry.
The entry was filled with all the famous overlooks of the Tetons, from the Snake River overlook to Schumacher Landing Road, as well as the Oxbow bend. We took our time and stopped at every viewpoint to take photos, ending up in Colter Bay just before 4:00pm for the kids ranger program.

From there, we drove up to Flagg Ranch, where the campground office helpfully told me that the park actually had a shuttle service between Flagg Ranch and Jackson, with multiple stops in between at various attractions. Not only was the pick up convenient, but it was also free for campers at Flagg Ranch!

I took a look at the schedule and realized that we could use it to visit Jenny Lake the next morning, at the expense of having to get up pretty early to take advantage of the shuttle. This was not an issue for us, since we were good at getting up early at this point, so we resolved to leave the motorhome parked at Flagg Ranch the next day.

Kevin showed up with his RV, and told me that as predicted, he faced heavy traffic and found Old Faithful over-rated. I told him about the free shuttle service and tried to convince him to stay at Flagg Ranch and join us, but he had his heart set on Colter Bay the next day, and was determined to show up there early to get a first-come-first-serve camping spot.

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