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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Review: My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book

After returning from Japan, Bowen asked for the My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book. Since I hadn't gotten to do long form reading for him in years, I agreed. The book took a while to ship, but when it arrived, he had me read it from beginning to end, at this point probably 20 times.

The book's quality is pretty good, with pictures that are formed from stills from the movie. The translation seems kind of iffy, and of course is not in congruence with the movie, so I occasionally get Bowen correcting me. The book includes a map of the village as well as several still pictures not in the movie.

I can't say I didn't get value out of the book, as it's become the most read book in Bowen's library. I'm getting a little sick of reading it to him at this point, but it's still a great little story no matter how often I read it. Recommended.

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