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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Review: Pearl Izumi Elite Shorts

I have a tradition of buying the same bike clothing if I like the item, and then wearing them to death. On one of my first tours, one of my companions one day saw me hanging up my clothes, and then remarked, "Oh, you have 2 of those shirts! I thought you just wore the same thing every day." Well, in recent years, my shorts have been getting more and more worn out. The last straw came when Bowen one day stuck his finger into a hole in the back of my shorts and said, "Daddy you need new shorts!"

I hate shopping for clothing. My solution is to just go to Amazon and buy shorts and then return the ones that are the wrong size. I initially tried the Pearl Izumi Quest shorts, which fit me in the large. Those were acceptable, if a bit tight. At $28 from Amazon Warehouse deals they won't break the bank, and my experience has been that the cheaper the shorts the longer they last. Then one day, I noticed that Amazon Warehouse had a deal for the Pearl Izumi Elite shorts. I had a big tour coming up, so thought, why not. If they're not worth the price I'll send them back.

Well, they arrived and I have to say they're much more comfortable shorts than the Quest, so I bought another and will tour with them. My experience with expensive shorts is that they tend to wear pretty quick, and one tour with them will probably show up any issues they might have in the long run. In the mean time, however, they're recommended!

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