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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: Madame Xanadu Vol 1 - Disenchanted

I saw Madame Xanadu: Disenchanted at the used book stack for $2 at the library, and when I saw the Matt Wagner by-line, I immediately picked it up.

Madame Xanadu is one of the more obscure characters in the DC canon. Wagner cleverly ties her to Merlin, Etrigan, the Phantom Stranger, Marco Polo, Jim Corrigan, Zatara, Jack-the-Ripper, and Marie-Antoinette. The tromp through history is interesting, but the story doesn't really go anywhere. I supposed if I picked up the other 3 volumes, I might some enlightenment, but I suspect that I could end up just tolerating a whole bunch of cameos in a comic book that has no real direction to it.

That's very disappointing for a writer of Matt Wagner's caliber.

Not recommended.

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