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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Review: PRO BIKE TOOL Mini Bike Pump

For my mountain bike, I decided that the Topeak Morph pump was too big, and I wanted something smaller. Since mountain bikes don't go to as high a pressure as road bikes, I didn't need the elegant fold-down "turns into a floor pump" design.

The PRO BIKE TOOL Mini Bike Pump got good reviews on Amazon, so I gave it a shot. It should have known better. Bike pumps, like bike computers and lights, are one of those places where even if you don't 'care about the major functionality, the mount is way more important.

I've used the pump a few times (never in anger --- always because I have a road ride just before or after a trail ride), and it serves its purpose, barely. What I've observed from other cyclists who have this is that if you have a large snake bite, the pump doesn't move enough volume for you to pump it up fast enough so it's easy to see where the leak is. The Topeak Morph pumps (even the tiny ones) do so.

But the biggest ding against the pump is the mount. I've had less than a year of use out of the pump, and it's already broken. This is beyond ridiculous. Lesson learned. Don't buy pumps that are not named "Topeak .* Morph".

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