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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Review: Aukey QC 3.0 Dual Wall Charger

I'm forever trying to keep the weight of my touring kit down. Since QC phones have become the norm, it's nice to have a QC compatible charger while traveling, since while on tour, the phone has become the navigation device, the hotel/AirBnB booking device, the emergency contact device, the livetrack device, and the camera/RAW processor.

The Aukey 3.0 dual charger was on sale for about $6, so I picked one up hoping that it would be light enough to replace my old standby, the lightweight New Trent NT90 or the Moko Universal Charger, neither of which had QC.

Unfortunately, the dual charger weighs in at 111g.  The Newtrent + the QC charger that came with the Moto G5+ came in at 113g, but that gives me 3 USB ports! With the Moko, the weight might go up a little, but since you need power adapters anyway, it's still a win. So this charger's no good for touring. It's useful for car and hotel tours where I can charge both my wife and my QC compatible phones at full QC speed, and for $6, it's a very good deal. I guess the physics dictate that there's no way to shave the weight of these high power chargers past a certain point.

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