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Friday, February 23, 2018

Review: Nashbar Headband

The Nashbar Headband looked just like the old lycra headband I had, except that rather than being tie on, had an elastic band at one end that held it to your head. In practice, it's not too tight, and fits nicely under the helmet.

I worried that it wouldn't wick sweat as nicely as my old headband, but despite riding the tandem on Saturday where the climb from Calaveras road all the way to the top of Sierra road took more than an hour in early afternoon heat (the grade exceeded 12% in many places), the sweatband did not overload, and sweat did not get into my eyes. Comparing it with the SweatVac, I think it's because the band does a better job of channeling sweat to the back of the head than the SweatVac, because of positioning.

The band weighs 13g, 3g less than the SweatVac, so not only does it work better, it's lighter too. At $5, you can buy several at once (and top up the order with chains, etc to get free shipping) and rotate them during a tour so if you lose one it's not a disaster.


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