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Monday, October 29, 2018

Review: Pletscher Double Leg Kickstand

Our triplet/tandem/quad came from the shop with a Pletscher Double Leg Kickstand. It finally gave up the ghost after 3 and a half years of service. The biggest benefit of a kickstand is that you can park the bike anywhere, without looking for a prop. The disadvantages are the weight, and the failure mode.

This particular kickstand has a maximum weight limit of 25kg. That sounds like a lot, but the triplet empty is 65 pounds, and then we have the habit of putting Boen on the bike while it's on the stand, which loads another 15kg on it. So clearly we've abused the heck out of the kickstand.

The failure mode is nasty. The legs splay out and never quite come back together. As a result while you're riding one of the legs will touch the spokes making an annoying noise. I imagine that as the kickstand gets even more worn it'll eventually enter the spokes and cause a severe crash.

This summer on our tour, I ditched the kickstand when packing the bike. It wasn't just because of the weight, but it was also because of this annoying klick-click sound. I've decided since then that the kickstand, like all others I've ever encountered, simply isn't worth the trouble, and the risk of it destroying my precious wheels and causing a crash just isn't worth the minor convenience of not looking for a parking spot whenever I have to stop the bike.

Not recommended. Good bicycles shouldn't have kickstands, no matter what Grant Petersen says.

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