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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Review: Whiskerella

Bowen is now reading so well that he's able to finish books by himself, including Whiskerella, and the previous book in the hamster princess series, Giant Trouble. Right now, I can still keep up with his reading, but I can see a time in the near future when I won't be able to keep up with what he's reading.

Whiskerella is the send-up of Cinderella, and involves a poor girl hamster who's forced by an evil fairy godmother to attend balls she doesn't want to go to in order to entice a prince into marrying her. The send up of the familiar fairy-tale tropes is hilarious, and quite a bit better than some the previous books in the series. And of course, it's always fun to read about a fairy-tale princess who'd rather beat things up than wear a nice dress, no doubt a great role model for kids.

The book is fast paced, mixing up prose with comic book balloon dialogues, and therefore suitable for any kids transiting into books with more text and less pictures. (Not a problem with Bowen,who seems to prefer text-heavy books to comics, much to his comic-book-loving father's chagrin)


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