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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Review: ENO DoubleNest Hammock

There was a sale on the ENO DoubleNest Hammock for $30. After taxes, that turned out to be $32 or so, but I also had to buy Hammock Straps for $8, making the entire setup about $40.

When I got the packages I was impressed by how small the entire thing packed up and how light everything was. This was definitely something I could carry while backpacking, even if I wasn't planning to use it as a shelter. The resulting hammock was big enough for me and both kids, and even my entire family would fit in under the weight limit of 400 pounds.

When I set it up during a 2 night camping trip with the kids, neither Bowen nor Boen ever got tired of the darn thing. They would sit in it, ask me to swing it, and swing it around, or have one kid pushing on it while the other rode in it. Twist it inside out and upside down. The hammock wasn't torn or destroyed despite the abuse, though I was very glad I set up the hammock over soft dirt and set it up low, so that when the kids deliberately fell out, they didn't get hurt.

My wife was annoyed that the kids didn't want to leave the hammock. Then she got in it with Boen, and decided that yes, it was that comfortable. "No wonder they didn't want to leave it!"

I'm sure the next time they see it they won't be as enamored of it, but I'd say I've already gotten my $40 worth. Recommended.

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