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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Review: Rich People Problems

Rich People Problems is Kevin Kwan's most recent book starring the characters from Crazy Rich Asians. As with the previous novels, it is a short and breezy read, but you should read the previous books in the series to have some context, as many characters get carried over from the previous books.

The story is that Nick's grandmother suffers a cinematic heart attack: a heart attack that's fatal, yet leaves sufficient time for all the relatives that might stand in line to inherit a great fortune to fly in and start the various political and emotional shenanigans to try to increase their share.

Of course there are twist and turns and the side plot about Astrid Leong and Charlie Wu. On a more serious notes, there are references to the second World War and the Japanese occupation of Singapore. As with prior novels, every chapter ends with a series of footnotes that are just as fun to read as the novel itself.

I probably should have saved the novel for a flight, but I didn't. It would have made an ideal airplane novel. Recommended.

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