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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Day 10: Great Harbor, Peter Island to Road Town, Tortola

 It rained twice the night before, waking me up and getting me to take down much of the laundry. I got up at 5:00am, ate a leisurely breakfast and made coffee, and then when the crew was up and running we raised the sail on the mooring ball and then set sail at 7:00am. It would have been a 20 minute motor, but we were determined to sail as much as we could, given that Conch would only open at 8:00am.
We said goodbye to the beautiful islands, and the sun came out and gave us a send-off, though with light winds it took us 40 minutes to get into the harbor deep enough where we took down the sails and picked up a mooring buoy. We tried hailing Conch but they weren't open and so called the oncall number and told them we were waiting.

Conch characteristically only opened up at 8:30 and got us a captain to dock us, but once we were onshore the checkout was also characteristically fast, with everything squared away (except final fuel costs etc) by 9:15am, whereupon a taxi showed up and took us to the Beef Island airport, where everything was also uncharacteristically on time. Our trip was over. However, on the plane over to San Juan we met the crew of the monohull who had sailed into White Bay the morning we were leaving, and had another chance to reminiscence about our fabulous trip. Their first mate was a 12 year old boy who was on his 3rd cruise in the BVIs with his Dad. I quietly reflected that this was Bowen's 5th sailing trip, and perhaps some day he too, could help manage the boat.

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