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Monday, January 14, 2019

Review: Envy Apples from Costco

I'll admit that when I first saw the "envy apples" demo cart at Costco I was very skeptical. I've tried all sorts of Apples over the years, and basically, only the Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Fuji Apples are up to par. From Costco, I think only the Fuji were worth the money. The expensive Honeycrisp apples, for instance, tasted like crap.

The Envy apples, however, blew me away. One bite just sent me into heaven. There's a hint of honey and everything else about the Fuji which I loved. It's crispy and yummy. I  bought a dozen and took it home. When Bowen tasted one, he couldn't stop eating and I think we went through 2 apples in one sitting.

Highly recommended. If you see it at Costco, get a box. You'll be impressed.


Just me said...


I bought Envy apples, grown in Washington state, from Costco in Winchester, Virginia four days ago and ate one the same day. Had diarrhea all night. Didn't connect the two.

Then yesterday, I had one again in the middle of the day, had diarrhea all last night.

I suspect it's a listeria contamination. You can Google it and find information on listeria contamination in apples four years ago, as well as symptoms of the bacteria.

It's essentially food poisoning but can really be harmful to those with suppressed immunity.

Piaw Na said...

Oh wow. Sorry to hear that. We haven't been able to buy Envy Apples from Costco for a while, maybe that's why!