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Friday, February 15, 2019

Reread: A Wizard of Earthsea

I got fed up with the story and decided that I'd stop reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon to Bowen because it just wasn't worth my precious time with my son. I picked up a classic instead: A Wizard of Earthsea. OK, so it's rated as a 7th grade book, but it's actually very short, and the language is so beautiful I was enthusiastic to read it every time. (My wife had to stop me from going on with the book on many nights, because the language was so compelling)

Every word flows, every line reads as though it was meant to be read aloud. When we got to the end, Bowen said, "Wait, that's so short!" And then he asked me to get the next book in the series, The Tombs of Atuan. That's a much darker book, though similarly short, so we'll see if he persists through it.

I've now decided that I'm just going to fill up my reading time with Bowen with classic novels and stories instead of trying to find "modern" books that might not be any good. I'm guessing that after this we'll probably move on to The Sword in the Stone. (He bounced off Prydain, unfortunately!)


Chuck Karish said...

You might read :The Sword in the Stone" from "The Once and Future King" rather than from the excerpted book, and leave it on the shelf for him to pick up when he's ten or so.

Piaw Na said...

A paper book? How quaint!