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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Review: Gatchaman 1994 OVA

I realized that the 1994 Gatchaman OVA was part of the Gatchaman Complete collection. I was pretty sure that the original Gatchaman was a kids show (having grown up with Gatchaman II), but I figured I'd better curate the show before the kids asked to see it.

It turned out that I didn't have to worry. The show is boring. It's clearly aimed at the nostalgia fans, with plenty of long drawn out moments that won't mean anything if you didn't grow up with the show. (Remember the first Star Trek movie where the directors had these massive long drawn out sequences featuring the Enterprise? Those were boring to me, because I didn't care, never having seen the TV show!)

The show consists of 3 episodes, the first being drawn from the first episode of the original TV show. Well, turning a 20 minute episode into a 45 minute TV movie didn't do the plot any favors. The second features Red Impulse, and didn't feature anything worth while. The last episode finally had some action, but had none of the pathos, drama, or even sense of sacrifice the kids show had. Yes, you can allow the kids to watch it, but they wouldn't want to.

Not recommended. Watch the original instead. It's so much better.

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