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Friday, June 07, 2019

Review: Mpow Foam Ear plugs

I usually bring ear plugs when I travel. There was a time when I'd carry them to hand to people I'd be sharing a cabin or tent with, since as a Sleep Apnea sufferer, I snore'd like crazy. Now my CPAP machine solves my snoring, but I carry them anyway in case the hotel room is noisy.

To my surprise, the quietest hotel room we had this time was the Hotel SM Sant Antoni in Barcelona. By far the nosiest was Hotel Ultonia, right next to a major throughfare. We used the Mpow Foam Ear Plugs to sleep every night and it worked great. For $10, you get 60 ear plugs and a hard metal carrying case. The ear plugs are just right, fit nicely in ear, and for my ears I had to replace them once every week or so. Mike needed to replace his every 5 days or so.


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