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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Review: Titan

I remember recommending Titan (and the follow-on books) to Arturo. It's been so may years since I read it that when I saw that it was $3 for the Kindle version I just grabbed it and started reading. Of course, the book just sucked me in.

It's basically an Alien Worlds/exploration story, but as I reached the end I was blown away by how Varley makes even more recently written science fiction look as though it was written by an uncreative scientific illiterate. There's plausible explanations for how come the alien creatures encountered bear even a passing resemblance to humans, and the characters are actually much better than the usual cookie-cutter stuff.

I thoroughly enjoyed my re-read of the book, and can recommend it to anyone. It does have sexual themes that make it not suitable bed-time reading for those with little kids however.

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