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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Index Page: 2019 Tour across Bavaria

From June 13th to June 28th in 2019, Xiaoqin, Bowen, Boen and I executed a bike tour from Rumlang, Switzerland to Salzburg, Germany. The tour was 372 miles and 14,221' of climbing, with several zero days including Garmisch, Bad Tolz, and multiple days at the end in Salzburg. We suffered two mechanical failures (one kickstand failure on Xiaoqin's rental e-bike) and a mis-shift that locked up the drive-train on the triplet but had no flat tires, and only one day when we were forced to ride in the rain. This was Xiaoqin's first bike tour of any length.

This is the index page for the day by day trip reports and photos for the trip.

Stein Am Rhein

Daily Trip Report
Post Tour Reviews

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