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Thursday, July 07, 2022

Review: The World Atlas of Coffee

 The World Atlas of Coffee was available for $1.99 as a kindle book, but I realized that it was actually a coffee table book and checked it out from the library instead. I expected it to be a catalog of beans and coffee and where it's grown and how to taste the difference between them, and from that point of view it actually worked. But I learned much more than that! For instance, I learned that I'd been using the aeropress wrong --- as soon as you finish stirring you should insert the aeropress plunger into the coffee tube and not push it in. This maintains a partial vacumn and prevents the coffee from dripping through into the cup below before it's had a chance of doing extraction!

Another example of how useful it is: I learned that everyone who taught me to use a french press is also doing it wrong. You're not supposed to push down on the plunger before pouring. The idea is that the plunger acts as a filter for you to pour out the coffee, and plunging it in before pouring could force fine coffee particles to leak into your liquid coffee.

Just for these two pieces of information alone you should read this book. Recommended!

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