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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Tour of the Alps 2022

 From June 13th to July 2nd, we executed a Tour of the Swiss, Austrian, and Italian Alps and Dolomites. The ride encompassed 437 miles, and 25,994' of climbing. We had 2 flat tires, 3 train transfers, 1 bus transfer, and 1 private taxi transfer (which we turned into a hiking day). We had one day of riding in the rain, and 3 days of lost riding to food poisoning. We also took a voluntary zero day, which was spent swimming at Lago di Fie. After the trip, for an extended epilogue, we visited my favorite hotel in the alps, Hotel Rosenlaui (the first for Bowen since he was a baby, and the first for Boen ever), where we did a couple of days of hiking and site-seeing, with Savitha tagging along. This was both Boen and Xiaoqin's first bicycle tour in the alps proper.

This is the index page for the day by day trip report, as well the consolidated picture album and equipment reviews.


Day by Day Trip Reports
Equipment Reviews

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