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Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Bike Mainteneance

Our tandem timing chain and my commute bike's chain all decided to wear out at the same time, so when I measured the chains today after a ride I had to replace all of them. The commute bike's easy and cheap: 8-speed chains are ancient, and I know the exact length (i.e., one entire box worth of chain), and the chain comes with a handy quick link, so the switch was over in 20 minutes (including time taken to attempt to clean the rear deraileur pulleys).

The timing chain requires 2 chains. I had half of a chain left over, and an extra chain sitting around. I use single speed chains on the timing chain --- the chain never shifts and the chainline is always perfect, so why waste money using expensive deraileur chains? Putting together the chain is a pain, though, since I only have one quick link, I had to pull the pins apart using a chaintool. It's been a really long time since I last did this, so it took me much more time to get it right than it should. And when I was finished, I'd found that I'd put a half-twist in the chain! So it was off and on again. Sigh.

At least we got some riding in today. 38 miles, and we hit our top speed of 52.3mph coming down Los Trancos! Woohoo!

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