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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Republicans are Evil: Part V

This isn't surprising, considering that the administration designed its Medicare plan to serve its ideological agenda--privatizing government services and enriching special interests like the insurance and pharmaceutical industries--rather than senior citizens. The original Medicare law reflects a rather different tradition: the New Deal. Its architects believed that protecting people from economic and medical risk was a job that only a robust and, yes, big government could do properly. Of course, that's a pretty unfashionable idea nowadays. But that hardly makes it wrong.

Of course, this nation is only getting what it deserves. We were too stupid to see through the insurance company/drug company "hilary-care" scare in the 1990s, so now we get the privatized expensive inefficient care that Republicans want you to have. If you're not wealthy, voting Republican is a very dumb thing to do. In the long run, perhaps, as more Americans lose health insurance, maybe we'll vote in a sensible government. But it might take a lot pain and suffering to do so. (Think about it, Enron didn't get the Bush administration evicted)

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