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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My other 20% project

Unlike Prophit, gtags will never make it into the New York Times. It is pretty cool to get onto the front page of, though. But this is the project I spend most of my 20% time on, and we now have a full time intern working on it as well. There are a lot of obvious refinements possible, but I wanted to get it out there even in this rather raw form to see if there's any uptake at all in the open source community.

I don't think gtags is useful until you have about a million or so lines of source code (though I'd love to find out if I'm wrong!). But if your project has that much code and isn't susceptible to IDEs (C++/C code typically has this property), then I think that having something like gtags around can be a great help. I certainly wrote this tool when I was learning my way around the google sourcebase, and it was valuable enough for other engineers to start using it as well. "Next bench" projects are some of the more gratifying projects you can do, because your customers are other engineers, and those are people you work with every day!

Prospective interns: I've already filled the summer 2006 position, but if you're interested in an internship/co-op with Google in the fall or even winter, and would like to work on gtags, feel free to let the recruiter (or me) know!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Piaw

There is a typo in your link.

(Detected while browsing your post at Googlers' Blogs)

Piaw Na said...

Thanks! I've fixed it!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome :)