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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dead iPod

My ipod, after about 3 years, has died with a clicking noise. MTBF for a hard drive is about 5 years, but my guess is that portable applications see a lot of abuse (and I will admit to not treating my ipod too kindly), so I'm guessing that I'm smack in the middle for iPod life. At the time, ipods cost $400, so it'll be more than $100 a year for the privilege of listening to my music on the go.

I doubt if I'll replace it with another ipod, when an 8GB Sansa can be had for $115. It's probably not worth repairing, either, since a replacement disk would cost around $130.

Here are my requirements:
  • Long enough battery life for a flight to Zurich (about 10 hours or so, call it 15 hours to be safe)
  • Must play MP3s (I don't have music in any other format, so I'm not locked into the iPod economy)
  • Light enough to carry on bike trips.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Enough music for a 3 week bike trip.
  • Tough. I will use this on hikes, and being carried in saddlebags is not good for most electronics.
Features I don't need:
  • Games. If I want games, I'll get a dedicated game machine.
  • Video. Most players don't have enough storage for a decent amount of video. Those that do, don't have screens that I consider satisfactory.
Use patterns:
  • Solo hikes, about once a week or so.
  • Feeding the home stereo, 3 days a week.
  • Planes: Twice a year
  • Long trips (about 3 weeks each), possibly disconnected from civilization, about twice a year, but with increasing frequency.
If you have recommendations, let's hear them!


trace.log said...

Second generation ipod nano.

Piaw Na said...

That costs $85 more than the Sansa.

Unknown said...

You can afford it. :-)

Piaw Na said...

You're saying that because you own AAPL. :)

DWallach said...

Sansa is fine. 2G Nano is also really good and has a bigger aftermarket for accessories (possibly relevant for your hiking). Or, just get an iPhone.

Unknown said...

Well, that's as maybe, but you can still afford it!

Piaw Na said...

I am SO not getting an iPhone. $60 a month? No thank you. One of those costs as much as a Ti bike, which I would use every day! I considered an iPod touch, but that's also just as expensive. (I have an Apple employee friend who worked on the iPod Touch, but still... even with an employee discount, it's not worth the dough)

Shane Liu said...

Sony A818
It's $150 with employee discount.

Piaw Na said...

$150 for an 8GB player is only a bit better than the Nano. You guys are so totally selling me on the Sansa.

Unknown said...

Have you considered cheap MP3 players that take SD and/or CompactFlash cards?
is an example, they are also often on sale at Fry's

irepair said...

It's worth adding that if your iPod refuses to go into Disk Mode and you hear a noticeable clicking sound, it's likely a faulty hard drive. If the unit is a Fourth Gen, however, the problem might just be corrosion on the HDD cable and will need cleaned periodically. Good luck & I hope this helps.

ipod dead