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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Outsourced: The Movie

This is the third movie I've seen at Google as part of a special engagement...The previous two being King of Kong, and the other A Moment with You.

This movie deals with outsourcing as its main topics and the very first few minutes of the film sets it up. A manager of a call center finds out that his group is to be laid off and he is to go to India to train his replacement. He goes reluctantly, and eventually integrates into the society that he's supposed to train to at least sound more American.

Its a romantic comedy, and it doesn't fail on either the romance or the comedy. The movie works quite well on both levels and the pacing was just right. At about 2 hours, the story, though simplistic has enough meat to make you feel satisfied without boring you at any point.

The producer stayed at the end of the movie for questions and to relay several cute statistics:

  1. They spent 30 days in India, and 2 days in Seattle. They also apparently didn't run into many production problems other than a few times when the cops said they couldn't film for a particular day.
  2. They invented a name for the city the outsourced call center is based in because Indians are very particular about the correctness or incorrectness of an accent. So if they had said the call center was based in Mumbai, folks in Mumbai would watch the movie and deride the inaccuracy of the accents. So they invented the name of the city, thus disallowing this criticism. =)
  3. The producer did this film because of his time spent as a student in India. His wasn't a story of a job outsourced, or a romance struck up while in India. He was just a foreigner who was fascinated while he was in India and decided to make a movie out of it to explain to people asking "just what is India like?" and this was the result.

As a freshman effort, I must say I'm very impressed at this film and certainly recommend people either catch it in theatres if they can, or buy the DVD. Its certainly worth the time!


Claire said...

We saw this movie on Monday. I really enjoyed it.

My notes:

- As soon as I saw that the confection he bought from the cart was iced, I thought, "uh-oh". You don't have to do much travelling in third world countries to learn to avoid anything with ice.

- The grilling as to one's marital status, parents' occupation, etc. is familiar to Americans travelling in other countries, not just India.

- While I appreciate the symbolism of his baptism in the pool, I had another "uh-oh" feeling when he did that. A friend of mine went for a dip in a similar sort of pool and came down with about 4 or 5 tropical maladies simultaneously afterwards.

- I knew the request to Kali was going to lead to something - it was not idle.

- We all loved the windows tune coming on each machine as they all powered up on the roof.

As a Seattle person:
- A call center downtown? My experience having worked in a few boiler rooms in this area would be that Western Novelty wouldn't be able to afford the rent. Your call center would need to be some place bus-accessible, but where rents are low - a class B office building in Lake City or something.

- I couldn't figure out why he was walking south on the waterfront carrying a grocery bag. North, he could have been coming from the Market. South? How far did he walk now? And where the heck did he live then? Maybe a Belltown condo?

- The JP Patches doll on his shelf was a nice touch. You then knew that Todd was a native of the area.

Sy said...

haha, thanks for the comments.

You sound like me when I was making comments on the "A moment with You" movie and the things about San Diego that they got wrong.

I'm glad you agree with me that the movie was great and well worth watching.

The producers are hoping this will turn into the next "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", but so far I think they'll have to be satisfied with lesser aspirations than that (unfortunately).

I take it you've lived in India before?