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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Warren Buffett Interview

I love it. He challenges anyone in the Forbes 400 to see if they pay higher taxes than their receptionist (I bet there'll be an exception, but that's because maybe one of them married their receptionist, *smirk*)

I will admit that I pay federal taxes at a very similar rate to Warren Buffet. (See my prior posts on Tax Planning) And yes, I actively vote Democratic, against my own economic self-interest. Why? Because in the long run, a society where people can get ahead by working hard will generate more prosperity than a society where the rich get richer and everyone else gets screwed. And we are unfortunately headed in the direction of the latter.

There are plenty of countries with such severe inequalities that kidnappings of the wealthy (or murder, etc) are common in the news. I would not wish the US to become one of them.

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