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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Holzkirchen Loop Ride

It rained last night, and it rained this morning, but I saw what I thought was a patch of clearing around noon and decided that what the heck, I'd paid for an IsarCard this month, I might as well get my money's worth. I caught the 12:44 train to Solln, and there switched to the fast train to Holzkirchen, getting there in 20 minutes. During the train switch, however, I got caught in a heavy down pour, and started wondering whether I had made the right decision.

By the time I got to Holzkirchen, the weather didn't look nicer, with ominous clouds in the sky, but at least it wasn't raining --- as I rolled out of Holzkirchen, I felt a few drops here and there, but nothing serious. The roads were wet though! I'd picked out what I thought was an interesting loop this time, and sure enough, it was interesting --- in 35 miles I'd climbed about 2500', which is quite reasonable for the area.

The climbing wasn't a big deal, though --- it was the headwind. A strong South West wind blew, so I was getting either a headwind from the South, or a headwind from the East the entire ride. The ride was pretty, but I couldn't see much --- hopefully, tomorrow's ride will yield nice pictures of the alps.
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