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Sunday, August 24, 2008



It was a beautiful day, so we rushed out to the S-Bahn to catch the train to Wolfrathausen with barely seconds to spare. Leaving the train station, we immediately headed East, following the route I once found to Holzkirchen, but ignoring a detour that had gotten us lost and making very good time. The weather was really nice, giving us nice views of crepuscular beams coming through the trees, and gentle mist rising from the ground (it had rained the day before) giving the impression that the ground was smoking.

We rode past Wolfrahausen and immediately followed the route I had used before to Scheliersee, this time paying close attention to where I had gotten lost before --- it turned out that the GPS signaled for a left turn where there was no road! This was the first time I'd found a bug in the Garmin Mapsource, so it was truely unique. The tour this time involved a lot less dirt (in fact, no dirt at all), and as we approached Scheliersee, we started looking for places to eat. After a few false turns we made it to Scheliersee where the tourist information office was open on a Sunday, of all things!

The woman in the office (who spoke no English, but fortunately my German is decent enough) directed us to a Biergarten, where we ordered half a roasted chicken, a shrimp salad, and pork chops, and ate it all down. Mike & Roberto made quick work of their beers but as usual I couldn't even finish my Radler (which is only half alcoholic). We debated doing maybe an extra ride up to a higher lake, but looking at how much more riding we had to do, we decided against it.

Riding back along the ridge I had planned before, I was impressed at how pretty it was, even though most of the wildflowers were gone. There was a bit of annoying traffic here and there, but whenever I spotted a turnoff we found something good to ride on, and there was enough bike paths for many of the really bad sections. We made our way past Seehamer See, and then went on to see the town of Valley, at the bottom of a 24% grade. We made it into Holzkirchen around 4:00pm, with enough time to eat a lot of ice cream and catch the train back to Solln at 5:02pm.

Not bad for 70miles and 4192 feet of climb.
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