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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Review: To Home and Ehvenor

Home and Ehvenor (DRM-free kindle-compatible edition) is the third in the series of Joel Rosenberg's transplanted D&D players story-line.

Since the last viewpoint character was dead, we now have a new viewpoint character in the form of Walter Slovotsky, the party's Rogue (or thief, in OD&D vernacular). The plot this time revolves around two issues --- a rift in reality that the main characters have to track down, and a raider from their own side gone rogue. The first novel in this omnibus deals with the first. This one could have been a great fantasy story --- the twists in time, and the party figuring out what's going on could have been great. But Rosenberg fools around with showing us how smart Slovotsky is, and then has one of the characters Deus Ex Machinas the ending and figures everything out without actually providing any revelation as to the nature of his world's reality to the reader. That's a bummer.

The second half of the omnibus is even worse --- it's like a bad D&D campaign where the DM has run out of ideas and decides that a side-quest is what the party needs. Well, this particular side-quest is so boring and pointless, I don't see how a reasonable PC wouldn't say, "Screw this, it's not my problem!" Finishing the book was a chore, and I only did it because it snowed in Rosenlaui. Not at all recommended.

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