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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: Logitech M570 Trackball

After my Google ergonomic review, I switched to the Logitech Trackman wired trackball for my mousing needs. I switched to it everywhere. All the ergonomic studies tell you that this is the best trackball for long-term use. You use the tip of your fingers to maneuver the ball, and your thumb and other fingers to manipulate the buttons. There were several problems with it, however:

  1. No scroll wheel. It's a major pain with modern websites.
  2. Wired. In particular, ever since I switched to having 2 PCs, the main laptop for most writing work, and the desktop for photo editing and video editing, what I've wanted was a single unifying controller that will let me use the same wired keyboard and mouse simply by moving the unifying controller from one machine to the other.
The obvious solution would be to go for the wireless version of the Trackman. Unfortunately, Logitech in its infinite wisdom and understanding of ergonomics stopped producing it and hence it now costs $300 or more on Amazon.

The Logitech M570, however, still costs a reasonable $30, so I picked one up earlier in the year, intending to return it. Well, 6 months later, and I still haven't returned it, mostly because of the nice scroll wheel. I haven't had any ergonomic problems, but that's probably because my Diablo days are over and my days of intensely mousing on the machine are gone now that I'm mostly using keyboard shortcuts.

I don't know what ergonomics specialists would say, but for my current use, this is perfect. Trackball folks have very limited support, so I'm guessing that if you like a product, you should stock up on it so you have a lifetime supply. But I have a couple of wired Trackmans sitting around just in case this one gives up the ghost, so I'm set for now.

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