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Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is Aric Davis' follow up to his novel, Nickel Plated. The character of Nickel was so compelling that when I saw it on the Amazon First program, I had to pick it up.

Unlike Nickel Plated, which was told almost entirely from Nickel's point of view, this novel shifts in perspective between Nickel, and the 3rd person perspective of June and Betty, two high school seniors who stumble upon a 15 year old murder of June's aunt Mandy. Mandy was a look-alike for June, and when a group of do-gooders start lobbying for Mandy's self-confessed murderer, June and Betty decide to team up and see if they can dig through to the truth after a case had been closed for 15 years.

The character of Nickel is great, and easily carries the story, and at the start of the novel he comes from a very dark place, having been betrayed by a former business partner and out for revenge. The vicious way he carries out the revenge is very dark for a YA novel, but it was in character. It's the rest of the novel where the transition from an out-for-revenge Nickel to a less extreme personality doesn't make a lot of sense. Sure, there's a budding romance between Nickel and one of the girls, but it happens too quickly and doesn't feel real as a result. In particular, the character of Betty isn't very likeable, and it's hard to believe that Nickel would let her into his life in such a dramatic fashion in the last chapter of the novel.

Nevertheless, this was a quick fun read, and very compelling. I'd pick up the next novel in this series.

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